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We are your experienced ductwork cleaning experts in Norfolk

Swift Air Ventilation Ltd use the latest technology and machinery to keep your systems free from infection and pollution.

Kitchen Extract Systems

Catering establishments should incorporate an extractor canopy and system to extract steam and grease from the cooking areas. Whilst the canopy grease filters provide protection against the majority of the grease, it will also allow smaller particles of grease to be carried over into the extraction system. These particles in the ductwork can, under certain circumstances, ignite causing fire and possible serious damage.

Therefore regular cleaning and inspection of the kitchen extract system and ductwork is essential to avoid this fire hazard and to comply with the Health and Safety Executive regulations and insurance company's requirements.

Swift Air Ventilation Ltd can carry out the inspection and cleaning of your kitchen extract system in accordance with HVCA Specification TR19 for the cleaning of your ventilation systems.

Ventilation Systems

All ventilation systems including; air handling units, fans, filters and ductwork, should be subject to a suitable system of maintenance and cleaning to comply with Health and Safety Regulations. Each ventilation system will incorporate either a fan or an air handling unit and it is essential to the systems performance that these items are regularly serviced, cleaned and the filters changed.

Swift Air Ventilation Ltd can provide this service for you, using the latest mechanical brush air jets, vacuums and manual technics, all in accordance with HVCA Specification TR19  for the cleaning of ventilation systems.

Dust and Fume Extraction

Swift Air Ventilation Ltd have been involved in the design of dust and fume extraction since 1984.

Dust and fume extraction system design is vital to ensure that your manufacturing process fully complies with the health and safety executives: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.

We have over 40 years experience designing, fabricating and installing dust and fume extraction systems, and our qualified engineers can provide you with a scheme to ensure that you fully comply with COSHH regulations.

Does your ductwork need checking and cleaning? Call us today on  01603 515 710

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